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Production and calibration of measurement equipment of magnetic field and radio engineering parameters
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Webermeters (fluxmeters) portable TVP-2.

Webermeters (fluxmeters) portable TVP-2


  • The principle of operation of webermeter is based on digital integration of self-induction EMF in the measuring coil connected to the TVP-2. Webermeter is designed to measure following parameters:
    • the flux linkage with connected to the webermeter measuring coil;
    • magnetic flux through the coil and magnetic induction (magnetic field strength) when a coil constant or number of turns and a transverse cross section area are known;
    • the magnetic moment and magnetization of a ferromagnetic sample placed in a coil connected to a webermeter with a known constant of magnetic field strength.
  • Webermeter displays the results of measurements and calculations in the following units and their fractional values:
    • V×s (flux linkage, weber×turns);
    • Wb (magnetic flux);
    • T (magnetic induction);
    • A/m (magnetic field strength);
    • Wb×m (dipole magnetic moment of the sample);
    • T (sample magnetization).

Technical data:

  • Limits of measurements and readings of magnetic flux (flux linkage): from 0,1•10-6 to 10 Wb (V·s).
  • Measurement range: 0,1; 1; 10; 100 mWb (mV·s); 1; 10 Wb (V·s) .
  • Integration time: 10; 50; 100; 500 ms; 1; 2; 5; 10 s.
  • Maximum relative error of magnetic flux (flux linkage) measurements:
    • in range from 2 to 10 uWb ±2,5%
    • in range from 10 uWb to 25 mWb ±1,0%
    For other values of the magnetic flux the errors are not standardized. The manufacturer determines and indicates their actual values during calibration of the webermeter.
  • Maximum allowable input voltage (10 Wb range): 100 V
  • Input resistance, active in the frequency range from 0 to 100kHz: 40 kOhm
  • Webermeter has a function of recalculation of the measured values of flux linkage with a Helmholtz ring type coil to a dipole magnetic moment and magnetization of a ferromagnetic sample placed in this coil.
  • Webermeter input is protected from overvoltage up to 1000v lasting no more than 20us
  • Webermeter provides an alarm indicating that the monitored parameter (flux linkage) is out of tolerance, set by the operator (“norm”, “overestimate”, “understatement”), which is convenient, for example, when sorting out permanent magnets
  • Power supply from the built-in battery with a nominal voltage of 3.7 V. Overall dimensions 210 × 101 × 33 mm, weight 0.5 kg
  • Special software is developed for remote control and data transfer to an external computer (via USB interface).
  • A dynamic library is available for controlling the instrument with examples of use for automating the measurement process (upon request).
  • Contents of a package:
    • electronic unit with a builtin accumulator battery;
    • banana plugs for connecting user measuring coils;
    • case;
    • USB cable;
    • charger (power supply);
    • CD with a software;
    • user manual;
    • service log;
    • calibration procedure methodics;

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