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Production and calibration of measurement equipment of magnetic field and radio engineering parameters
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ZET ltd products prices:

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  • All prices are given in russian rubles
  • All prices are without VAT
  • Products prices:

  • Milliteslameters portative universal TPU

    TPU 92600 rub.
    TPU-01 92600 rub.
    TPU-02 92600 rub.
    TPU-03 87100 rub.
    TPU-04 87100 rub.
    TPU-05 87100 rub.

    Milliteslameters (magnitometers) portable modular TPM-250

    TPM-250 83340 руб.

    Calibrator-meter of nonlinear distortions

    SK6-20 457000 rub.

    Meter-calibrators of THD value

    SK6-20A 1643900 rub.
    SK6-20A-01 1999900 rub.

    THD value meter SK6-220

    SK6-220 507000 rub.

    Generators-calibrators of harmonic signals

    SK6-122 432400 rub.
    SK6-122-01 416900 rub.

    Teslameters-fluxmeters universal

    TPU-2V 574100 rub.

    Webermeters (fluxmeters) portable TVP-2

    TVP-2 175000 руб.

    Low frequency programmable attenuators

    D1-1000 126000 rub.

    Aluminium cases for electronic instruments

    Case 1 (3U, width 320mm) 23000 rub.
    Case 2 (3U, width 426.5mm) 27000 rub.

  • Calibration and verification of measurement instruments prices:
  • Milliteslameters portative universal TPU, TPU-01, TPU-02 11200 rub.
    Milliteslameters portative universal TPU-03, TPU-04, TPU-05 8400 rub.
    Teslameters-fluxmeters universal TPU-2V 29000 rub.
    Calibrator-meter of nonlinear distortions SK6-20 17200 rub.
    Generators-calibrators of harmonic signals SK6-122, SK6-122-01 17200 rub.
    Meter-calibrator of THD value SK6-20A 33000 rub.